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Please be aware that not all Matadors and Jumbuck Barbeques are approved for conversion to Natural Gas. Unless the manufacturer is know to us we cannot help you source a NG KIT. Please make sure that you obtain the correct Kit (if approved for NG conversion) from Bunning’s. It must be a manufacturers kit (that is who manufactured the BBQ for Bunning’s.)

They supply the BBQ and should be able to supply the kit, if they cannot supply the kit, DO NOT BUY IT unless you want to run it off LPG.

Secondly, some Barbeques are very hard to convert, complex and take time (they must also be done by a licensed gas fitter) which could cost you a lot of money.

Due to these issues we now only convert Barbeques that are from known manufactures like Barbeques Galore, Gasmate, Heatlie, Garth etc., where they can supply us with the correct kit.

Ross Y

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Gasmate Inferno Patio Heater Review

I have just done a review on this patio heater check out the link below and have a look, Ross Y



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I have had a few calls from clients about, well you have guessed it, converting their BBQ to Natural Gas, here is a brief ‘check list’ again..

1/. Conversions can only be carried out by licensed Gas Fitters. DO NOT do it yourself!

2/. Make sure the correct NG kit is used. A Generic one will normally only be used for the BBQ’s that are manufactured by the same company.

3/. Make sure the person doing it KNOWS what they are doing, far too often we have to go out and ‘fix’ a problem that should have been done right in the first place!

4/.Get the number of the service agent for the BBQ that you are buying, they know what they are doing.

Hope that this helps!

Ross Y

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BBQ Radio Spot?

Hi All,

Do you know that there is hardly any BBQ information given on the radio or TV in Perth? If you know of any Producers that would like me to say a few words on their chat shows just email me…happy to do it…cheers, Ross

Got the radio spot, am on Darren De Mello’s, Weekender on 6PR Sunday afternoons… !

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RIB EYE STEAK – from Woolworths?

I just thought I would give you a bit of inside information with regards meat bought from Supermarkets. To be honest I normally buy my meat direct from the producer but time was against me a few weeks ago when I was looking for a good sized Rib eye steak for four of us cooked on the BBQ..

…Well I popped in to Woollies (Woolworths) to see what they had in the way of fish and looked over to their meat counter and saw….

MSA rib eye ‘thick cut; for about $15.00 a kg!! Too good to miss I snapped up 4 pieces, I vacuum packed them and put them in the fridge for a week and cooked them,

Had to be one of the best steaks I have ever eaten! Well done Woollies!

So next time you buy Beef from woollies make sure it is marked ‘MSA’, I am trying their Bolar Blade Beef Roast tonight MSA again, I will report further…

Ross Y


PS: And its WA Produced!

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Masport Supreme Plus RBW 210 – 6 burner BBQ

See the latest review on this BBQ!


or go to the BBQ review page on our website..

Ross Y

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New Blog

We have just upgraded our Blog, hope you like the new style!

Ross Y

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guys, I am getting approx. 30 to 50 spams every day, my web guys have developed a system where for each one you send me you will get 100 times back…do you really want to keep sending to me, if you do ..WATCH OUT.. WHAT TURNS ROUND COMES ROUND!!!

Ross Y

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Installation commission charges – Perth

Remember that it does take us time to get all the information we require to make sure that our ‘installation’ guys are well acquainted with your needs and that you get a great job done. They will charge you direct but as all the info will come thro to BARBITEC, and to make sure that you get the best possible installation they will charge a commission fee of $55.00 (incl. GST) which comes direct to us once the job is finished, there are no other hidden charges…

You have the option of course not to use us but rest-assured we do know what we are doing…

Ross Y

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BBQ Pre Summer Service?

Hi All, believe it or not the evenings here in Perth are getting lighter soooo…time to get your BBQ serviced?

You may think its not worth it but if I said we have a large list of clients on our books you can see that we do get busy up to Xmas. Indeed last year we still had over 35 calls to do by close of business on Xmas eve..!

..It would help if you ‘Perth-ites’ could book your BBQ service now as it will save disappointment in the summer. Book online.. here is the link!


so lets get going!!

Thanks a Mill!

Ross Y

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